Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looks like me...acts like dad

2 cute 2 sew

Carley and Grandma Janet have been working on this little project for a couple of weekends.....
Carley did most of the sewing herself. Her holiday apron is soooo cute! I have suggested strongly how good I would look in one of her handcrafted aprons but so far Carley just giggles.

You've Got Mail

First day of kindergarten, little league, report cards, AAU, first dance, SAT's......Dani receives her first college acceptance letter from University of Idaho. Wait, that happened in a blink of an eye.
It really happened,
now we will wait for the other applications to be returned and then wait to hear the big decision! Will we still be wearing black & gold (Go Vandals!) or will you see us in crimson & gray (Wazzu!)
Stay tuned.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A "Royal" Field

Build it and they will come.....ok, our turf project wasn't quite like the movie but I know there are plenty out there that think we are just as crazy. Earlier this year, the idea of putting in artificial turf for our football and soccer field started buzzing around. By the end of May the buzz was over and the sting of action was in place. September came and the field was in use. I wanted to share a few thoughts on this endeavor.
We have an incredible Booster Association that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to provide our kids with facilities and activities that others only consider luxuries. Darin and I have both served time on the Booster board and many years as members. I have always been impressed with the "greatness" of the projects. Football field, bleachers, new lights, baseball lights, softball/baseball complex, the first rubberized track in the Basin, a weight lifting room. When any of these projects start there are always a few rumblings about the expense of such projects, I have seen the Booster Hunt Club raise funds year after year to support these projects. I have seen volunteers and equipment from the entire slope come together when it is time to work on a project.
Our high school soccer coach also blogged about the field and said it perfectly (read it
Dani has finished her soccer season and had the incredible opportunity to play on this beautiful field. It is so awesome to watch our kids play in this great stadium. Thank you to everyone involved in this, I hope we continue to have the opportunity to work hard and do great things for our kids.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teenage Wisdom???

Spend an unearthly amount of money on braces so your daughter has a perfect smile.........
forward five years...............
spend an unearthly amount of money to pay someone to cut open that daughter's mouth and rip out four "wisdom teeth" so they don't ruin the perfect smile.

Dani and I started our day at 7:00a.m. driving to Moses Lake for the Checkup, she refused to call it anything else as she was already on her second anxiety pill. It is now after 10p.m. and I hope we are going to have a restful night. She had a lot of bleeding this afternoon and that along with the meds have made her sick. After emptying numerous "puke buckets", I think I have the bleeding stopped and an entire vicadin is in her system. Wish us luck......

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween & Homecoming Week

More dress up days than one mom and five kids should have to do. Everything from pajama day, superhero, 80's Day (and no they did not raid my closet for this), 50's Pink Lady, Transformers and Ninja Turtles. Even a hippie showed up, the boys are still confused and called me a Hobo all day.

Random Thoughts....

Election '08 - It's over, really what can you do but pray for our country no matter who was elected. On the lighter side, Justin has shared with us that Rock O-bana is the president, that is the guy that waits on us at our favorite restaraunt LaCabana!

College Applications - I am having a hard time understanding why I am paying them to let our Senior apply. Shouldn't they be paying me for encouraging her to go to their school and really how much more can they squeeze out of you.

The answer to prayers - Why can't I figure out that the more times I pray for patience the more "opportunities" God gives me to test that prayer.

My parent's TV - Did I morph into another generation or are tv shows crossing the line way too often. I'm not a huge tv watcher, we stick pretty close to the Disney Channel and TLC but more and more I run across something that was truly inappropriate.

Christmas shopping - Will anyone notice if I don't do any?