Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favorite Family Words

I know everybody has these, I thought it would be fun to share.

"firecracker" - the doctor in Moses Lake that breaks mommy's neck

"crocagator" - animal with sharp teeth, sometimes seen in canals around Royal

"fluffs" - farts, mom tries to make us go into the bathroom

"dambaid" - we put these on every owie we have

"glubs" - we were these on our hands to play baseball or if we are cold, the same pair

"fuds" - the store where we can get sandwiches and chilly willies

"chimichanga" - just a word that makes us laugh, we won't eat them because we like burritos

"chihuahua" - another word we like to say over and over and over again, just to make us laugh

"bean" - our affectionate name for granpa blaine

"rice-yuk-a-muchy" - actually a rice casserole mom makes for dinner, we even like it

"handcops" - those things dad uses to tie up the bad guys

Anybody like to share some of theirs?????????