Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where did the water go???

I can't believe summer is over. My kids have had so much fun in the water this year, it seemed like once it was hot enough we were always swimming. Some of our favorites...

Scroggins pool...slide, dives and jumping in from the side!!!!!!!!

Ted Christensen's...without it my boys would still be sitting on the side and never getting wet. We are so lucky to live in a community with someone like Ted, he put these wading pools in for the little grandkids several years ago and has always encouraged everyone to use them. It is always fun to go and visit with a variety of moms during the afternoons.

Allred Pond...another great benefit of the Royal Slope. Rope swing, big toy, sandy beach, hammock, zip line, kayaks, ..

the River...always cold. This year we were able to spend a wonderful day with the Schwilke family from East Wenatchee. They are the water ski pros but we did get Dani to go a couple of times and Gracie even braved the board.

We can never go a summer without the aquatic centers in Moses Lake and Ephrata, this year ML added the Wave Rider, a big hit with Lane & Justin. Carley, Gracie and the boys attended swim lessons in Ephrata.

Callahan slide...still in its early days but this is going to be a favorite. We were fortunate to try it before it was officially done. The little kids did great on it and loved it. Sadly we heard later in the week that it didn't hold up so well for some big guys. But we can see work being done on it and are anxious for next summer.