Monday, April 19, 2010

Challenges to blessings

April 19, 2010

That was the first day I sat down in front of the keyboard to work on this. I knew the "blog" had been low on the priority list, but I set my mind that I would write about this before I wrote about anything else. I have sat, cried, typed, cried, prayed, edited, cried, procrastinated, prayed and am still struggling trying to put this all into words.
2010 will be defined as the year our family experienced appendicitis. I say the whole family, even though it was Justin who suffered, all of us were changed by the experience.
It has almost been a year and I am surprised how much harder it is to think about now then last year.
I have tried different ways to write this and am going to give this my best shot...a little bit at a time.