Friday, March 28, 2008

Cold - the other four letter word

Cold, snow and Spring Break! I am ready for the winter to be history. Everyone in our family and most the people we know have been so sick this year. Dani is home today with strep, I was able to forcibly convince the clinic to give her a shot before the actual strep culture was complete, so we are twenty four hours ahead of the game. Our baby, Justin was by far the worse. We spent a crazy day in March rushing him from one doctor to the next finally ending up in the hospital. He had a terrible form of strep that settled in the glands in his throat and within hours was in bad shape, he couldn't swallow, his neck was bigger than his head, and he was completely lethargic. A blessing that day was our family doctor, Dr. Warner. He has been there with me through all the kids and is the perfect fit for our family. As soon as he told me we had a plan, I knew things were going to be okay. Justin, with some steroids, antibiotics and iv fluids, made a heroic rebound and by the next day was "driving" his bed and giving rides to anyone brave enough to sit on it. Even through the sickest of winters for our family, there is something to be thankful for......amazing grandmas who took over the controls and kept the rest of the crew in line whenever there was a sick one for me to tend to, jobs that allowed us the time we needed to recover, friends who were always asking how we were.
So after months of fevers, coughs, colds, runny noses, etc. I am more than ready for this winter to be over. Besides, it can't really snow in April, can it?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not As Easy As It Looks

Ok, so it's only the second day in blog world and I spent hours (like I really have a lot of those) trying to customize our page. As you can see we look exactly the same as yesterday. I am open to suggestions from anyone who knows the easiest, cheapest and fastest (this sounds like my idea of dinner) to get all the cute stuff on our page.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The First Time

The first Smith family post, I'm not sure we are ready to share what really happens at this Smith house with the rest of the world. I am hoping that joining this "blog-thing" will just help me see that we are normal and if you just keep prying into other people's lives far enough they will have similar stories to ours (!). It's a hope. I am just thankful that we were not blogging earlier; like Darin's first months of fatherhood (dropping Carley off the counter and the carseat hitting her in the face) or when we had our epileptic dog (and could share the stories of watching him pee all over in a crazed state of bird-hunter) or the entire potty training of the twins. Well, maybe if things get too boring around here I could reminisce.
Really our goal is to be able to share with you some of the wonderful moments we have as a family. We are just starting so be patient with us...