Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Favorite Day of the Week

Everyone with kids knows how confusing it can be ...Monday, Thursday, Sunday... they all kind of sound the same to little ears. For the buddies there week is summed up like this

Church Day

Mrs. Garza Day

Mrs. Garza/Preschool Day

Stay home with Mom Day

Mrs. Garza/Preschool Day

Stay home with Mom Day

Everybody Stay Home Day

Sometimes we have to add a game or going to town but this pretty much is our schedule.

I have been pretty sentimental lately thinking about the last of our Stay Home with Mom days, seeing the buddies jump up and down, scream woo-whoo, and give big hugs because they are so excited it is our day. It gives me a little smile to know that we never do anything that exciting, it is just us, hanging out, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches......

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gracie Pulls Again

Gracie has surprised us again with her strong willpower (stubborness?). She has pulled out another semi-loose tooth she had. Beware molars, any movement on your part and Gracie will have you shook from your roots in no time.

Cousin Leroy

Today, Sunday April 20th, we not only enjoyed a day of hail/sleet/snow but we got to see baby Leroy. I can honestly say I never thought my sister was going to have a baby, but now I know we were just waiting for Leroy's time to come to us. He is a very entertaining baby. Lane refers to him as "baby weewoy" and it is quite a chore for everyone to get a chance to hold him.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break 2008

It is shocking to my kids that we have a slide show of spring break considering the week was sooo boring! And now that I am writing about it I can't believe how many pictures I don't take (new goal...take camera everywhere and remember to use it). No, we didn't have the most amazing week ever but when I look back it was packed full of moments, those everyday things that make you smile, love, appreciate and look forward to the next one. Let's see if I can remember all the moments of Spring Break....
it really started Friday the 28th, Carley enjoyed a primary activity that took her "Around the World", Gracie was in camo at Trent's birthday party and yes it was snowing! We continued Trent's birthday party with the family by Ted treating us to LaCabana. Saturday we spent some time finger painting and Dani and I were able to sneak away with Rhonda and Katrina to the mall. Sunday, Aunt Dawn, Carley, Kayla Smith and Brianna Diaz performed a song at church. I appreciate Dawn taking the time to do this with the girls, they were great! Later that day we loaded up and spent the night in Tri-Cities (swimming, eating out and shopping...what else do you need for a great vacation?). Tuesday, I spent the day with my friend Sue at Deal or No Deal auditions while Dani stayed home with her siblings so I could go (mac and cheese and a trip to the playground, what else does a good babysitter need?). Wednesday the s* word was back, Dani's strep throat was getting the best of her and we were back at the dr., Carley went with Grandma GG to babysit cousin Leroy and the three little, blonde ones spent their afternoon decorating rice-krispie shapes. Thursday, Gracie got to join them babysitting. I spent my day shampooing carpets and getting Dani and the boys to wrap their minds around the idea of spring cleaning. Dani and I were also treated to an afternoon with our favorite hairdresser ever.......Courtney. I really do enjoy our visits and her sweet, genuine, funny spirit. She is one of the most "real" people I know and a great stylist. That night dinner was hotdogs and smores over the bonfire, a family favorite. Friday, it was time for Uncle Donald and Auntie Carol to arrive and it was a long wait for the kids. We are lucky to have such a close bond even if miles keep us apart, they are truly loved. We spent some of the afternoon shooting the bb gun, I even showed off my skills by hitting the pop can on my first shot. It was really cold so the girls and I didn't stay out too long. That night at Blaine & Janet's we shared birthday brownies with Amanda "22", Jennifer "39" and Camille "22". (You were wondering how I was going to work that age thing in, huh Jen). It was a full house of family as we were able to visit with Blaine, Janet, Kyle, Donald, Carol, Jennifer, Andy, Brian, Amy, Justin, Emma, Dick, Dawn, Joe, Ronna, Page, Mark, Camille, Amanda, Abraham, Adrian, Deana, Taylor, Trent, Debbie, Tara, Chance and the Smith Seven. Saturday, we attended the wedding of cousin Buffie and Peter. It is fun to see everyone dressed up. That night we gathered back at our house for food and fun. We got to initiate the family into Hoopla, I will never think of Nadia Comaneci, the Redwoods, a mechanical bull or big Justin's little whatever, without laughing. Sunday morning rolled around and Grampa Bean (Blaine) made pancakes for those that were awake and the rest of our day was spent recuperating from this boring week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What are Friends for........

Today, April Fool's Day, I spent with my friend Susie. No it wasn't a joke, she has wanted to try out for the game show "Deal or No Deal" and guess what......they had open auditions in Spokane. We left Royal at 8:30 am, stood in line from 10:30 until 3:00 (half of that time was outside) and then here was her big chance. After showing the casting director her application she got an entire 30 seconds to tell them her name, age, occupation and something that they will remember about her. She did great, even though I stood in line just as long there was no way I could put myself out there like she did. I'm sure she will add all the great details to her blog, be sure to click the link below to go to her page. My main job today was support, so any of the great pictures you see on Sue's page of the "interesting" people at today's event were taken by me. Sue taught me a great lesson today: no matter the circumstances, putting on a great pair of shoes can make you believe you can do anything!