Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gracie Pulls Again

Gracie has surprised us again with her strong willpower (stubborness?). She has pulled out another semi-loose tooth she had. Beware molars, any movement on your part and Gracie will have you shook from your roots in no time.


  1. O.K. I love your blog! I think you need to teach a class. Hailey says I am already behind on my blogging, I guess one post a week just isn't enough. Now I have to think of interesting things to do just so I can blog about (ha, ha)!

  2. Go Gracie, maybe you could get a bonus for pulling stubborn teeth out!

  3. Yeah Gracie! Shes pretty tough! I love that picture of all your kids with Leroy, how fun!

  4. wow gracie...tough. although that makes a whole lot more sense than letting someone tie a string around your loose tooth and tying it to a door knob...what!!? oh yeah...we're having a blogging class over at Courtney's, 10am on wednesday...anyone's welcome :)
    (it's a special interest group from relief society...pretty low key)