Friday, June 27, 2008


Another year of ball games is over. Dani started practice at the end of February and Carley had her last game Thursday, 6/26. Since softball is my favorite sport to watch, the season usually goes by too fast. I was a little worried during the HS season as we were not exactly playing the best ball I had ever seen. But with a lot of heart and the coaches completely changing everyone's position the girls rallied back and not only played into district but earned a spot at State. The outcome at State wasn't the highlight but the changes made in attitude, heart, batting and fielding was a huge accomplishment.

Carley was once again a DAC Dragon and what a year it was. She played second base, pitcher and first base. Her highlights were catching fly balls and then throwing out the runner at first. We love to joke with Carley (not that she loves it) that she looks like the fastest runner on the team, that is because her short little legs have to go around twice as much as everybody else to get her half as far! Great Job Carley!

Gracie played on the Worsham Cougar team for t-ball with her good friend Nayeli. The girls were super fast and are ready to be pitched to. They were good sports since their season was only during the school year so it was a lot of rushed, late dinner nights at the ballfields.
Like I have said before, every Tuesday and Thursday for 13 years I have been at little league, now we only have 8 years left !!


  1. 21 years of little league---let's go to Hawaii to "mourn" aka celebrate when Carter and the buddies finish!

  2. Yeah!!! New posts. Now that you are caught up, I am behind again. Oh well, gives me something more to worry about. Shelli