Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For the first time ever, the Smith family ventured to Idaho. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but I have five car sick kids. There was a time when Gracie couldn't even make it to Moses Lake without throwing up. Several people have noticed the emergency kit I have carried around in my van for years, plastic bags, water, paper towels, air freshner. After a complete round of Dramamine we were on the road. The week was filled with nothing spectacular and again the kids amazed me at how much fun they were having. We had a wonderful stay in Boise where Dani attended softball camp at BSU,
while we got to spend the day at the zoo. The next day while Dani was at camp, we went on the wildlife walk, pretty interesting until we were getting ready to leave and there was a deer laying in the shade behind the information center!
In Meridian, they have a great Glow in the Dark Mini Golf place. It is so awesome, everything is in black lights and they have all these great themes with dinosaurs, monkeys and it was air conditioned.
We stayed an extra day with Uncle Donald and Aunt Carol so we could float the Boise River. Andy & Jennifer let us use their raft so as soon as we rented life jackets we set sail! The first hour was a little rough, not with rapids but being stuck in the raft with four hysterical "I hate this, we are going to drown" kids. And let's not forget that somehow Lane's flipflop got tossed overboard only to torment us by floating by just out of reach. About midway we were treated to being bombed by a three hundred pound college kid jumping in the river about two feet from our raft, we were soaked. In the end I think the kids had fun, I know I did.

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