Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teenage Wisdom???

Spend an unearthly amount of money on braces so your daughter has a perfect smile.........
forward five years...............
spend an unearthly amount of money to pay someone to cut open that daughter's mouth and rip out four "wisdom teeth" so they don't ruin the perfect smile.

Dani and I started our day at 7:00a.m. driving to Moses Lake for the Checkup, she refused to call it anything else as she was already on her second anxiety pill. It is now after 10p.m. and I hope we are going to have a restful night. She had a lot of bleeding this afternoon and that along with the meds have made her sick. After emptying numerous "puke buckets", I think I have the bleeding stopped and an entire vicadin is in her system. Wish us luck......


  1. No fun!! I hope Dani starts feeling better soon :) Shelli

  2. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled I was at home afterwards in a drug induced stupor when the phone rang. It was my sister Heather's date for that night asking to talk to her. I told him she couldn't come to the phone because she ran off to get married(she was 16 at the time)! To make a long story longer don't let Dani answer the phone until she is drug free!