Thursday, October 1, 2009

Green Dot, Yellow Dot, Red Dot, Gold

I found this draft of a post I had started and never finished in May.

If you don't have elementary kids you are missing out on the daily run down of who's who on the dot list. Green (everyone starts here, good place to be). Yellow (just like the light, a warning you had better stop what you are doing). Red (not where you want to be, usually a loss of recess). Gold dots are given randomly to kids who are caught doing extra good things, they are announced on Fridays and given prize bags.
Needless to say my boys have spent a fair share of the year on yellow. They are quick to let me know when it was NOT a red or yellow day. I was a little worried one day when I helped in the kindergarten room and noticed the yellow dot had completely fallen off the chart. I just knew my buddies had worn it out. Lane has pointed out to me that he mostly has been on yellow because he just didn't know all the kindergarten rules. Now that he has learned more he can do better.
Justin surprised us with receiving a gold dot for helping pick up papers from under the table for Mrs. Vasquez without even being asked. Gracie was the next to receive her Gold Dot from Mrs. Vermeer, for always trying to be the best she can be. Last but not least Lane received his gold dot award and was thrilled beyond pieces!
We now have car stickers to let everyone know of their accomplishments.
I know of a few red dot days I have had and can certainly work harder at doing gold dot deeds more often and without being asked. Thanks kids for the life lesson for all of us.


  1. It is so good to see you back again! :)
    I always enjoy visiting your blog, and this "Dot" thing sound like a great idea for the kids.

  2. The dot thing is so funny to me, remind me me to tell you about Avery and her dots!