Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Carley's 5th Grade Adventures

Carley has had some fun experiences in 5th grade this year and I hear that there are some exciting things planned to wrap up the year. What an awesome sight to watch all the 5th graders launch their hot air balloons. Friday, May 16th, Carley and I enjoyed the field trip to Point Defiance Zoo. My chaperone skills were really challenged as the only two I had to keep track of was Carley and Sarah Clouse! One of our favorites at the zoo were the seahorses. We had perfect weather, a nice lunch with some Dipin' Dots dessert and really did get to see and touch some interesting animals.

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  1. Another 5th grade adventure coming up next week--can you believe it's almost maturation time again--let's take the girls out to lunch before it this year?!!