Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Camille Woodward

(OK, I know this post is way out of order, but I had technical difficulties with the pictures...about a month ago.... and then I forgot to actually publish the post. Remember it is the thought that counts.....)

Love. Hard work. Sweet moments. Good food. Old friends. Fun family. Dancing shoes. The perfect makings for a wedding. We were very blessed to be able to share in this wonderful event. My mother-in-law Janet and I got to spend Friday cooking for the wedding. Saturday morning we had a double header softball game and then somehow between 2:30-4:00 we managed seven showers, curled hair, clean clothes and we were off to Ephrata. It was especially fun to see everyone cut loose and enjoy the music! Gracie danced every song, (special thanks to Josh Scroggins!) Carley broke loose and danced with her dad and we were even able to get Dani out there for the dollar dance and a slow dance with her brother. Extra special for me was getting to visit and share stories with Nick and Drew DeLay. What else can I say, I love weddings!

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