Sunday, January 25, 2009

Calendar Daze

If you have ever been around my house, you have heard me say "check the calendar"! It is one of those things I think I have said so much that no one hears me anymore. Our big calendar on the office wall ended in December. I didn't put much thought into replacing it because, frankly, I didn't think anyone ever looked at it and since I keep my own planner in my purse I didn't need to update that one just for me to look at again. Well, last week "the calendar" was brought up, Carley was the first to question it and then even Darin had to admit that yes he actually did look at it and was wondering what had happened. Darin even mentioned that he was looking at a new phone so he could have a planner on it to keep track of everything going on because sometimes he forgets! Now I am not kidding myself that since two out of the six want the calendar back that things will magically stay on schedule or that anything will be different than the past, I know I will still answer most questions with "check the calendar"!
My friend often (ok all the time) kids me about "the schedule" and even posted her schedule one week to challenge me! We really don't do a lot of things, but there are seven of us and we each have interests and commitments, along with encouraging and sharing in each others activites. Since this year I wanted to use our blog as more of a life journal I am going to do this just so I can look back in twenty years and realize how much I enjoyed this time.....
Monday - wrap and deliver Nayeli's birthday present, pick up Gracie and take her to Moses Lake for gymnastics, remind Dani to pick up boys after school, Carley goes to photography until 4:15, arrange ride for Carley, make sure Dani has clean uniform and picture money for basketball pictures at 5:00, Dani late practice
Tuesday - Carley and Gracie to Achievement Activity until 4:15, remind them to walk to Red Rock when they are done, pick up boys at 3:00, go with Katrina to Jr. Miss as her Back Stage Mom at 3:30, possible - 6:30 Scentsy party only because Christine will be there
Wednesday - 7:00 Church Breakfast, 1hour late start for kids, remind Darin to take them to school, Darin is on call all day, 3:00 pick up Gracie and boys, 4:15 pick up Carley, 4:30 go to Jr. Miss mock interview to judge
Thursday - 3:00 pick up Gracie and boys, 4:15 take Carley and Samantha to piano
Friday - pack for game, 3:00 pick up kids, 3:45 leave for Tri Cities, 6:00 basketball game
Saturday - 10:00 leave for Warden to watch Dallas wrestle, afternoon - help Dani get ready for Winter Formal, 7:00 get ready and go chaperone dance.
Sunday - church
Not a bad week for us, I didn't put in the daily stuff like homework, dinner, chores, laundry, work, there is always room for those. Wish me luck....


  1. Have a told you lately how much you are my hero??? Is it weird if I say I love you here? LOL You rock!

  2. My word, how do you keep it all straight? I guess I should thank my Mom for having me where I needed to be, fed me and never left me anywhere. Having two toddlers is a breeze compared to your schedule!! Good luck