Thursday, January 8, 2009

The day the Tooth Fairy went broke...

5:05 - Carley having a "Fruit Gusher" snack
5:06 - Carley "Mom I lost my tooth", with incredibly blue ooze covering all her teeth, inside her mouth and out
- Mom "Great, that tooth has been just hanging on."
- Carley "no mom, that tooth is still there, this one was in the back"
5:10 - Carley "Mom, I just pulled my loose tooth!"
6:15 - Gracie "Mom, I just lost a tooth (squeeeeeel)"
10:00 - Tooth Fairy "Smith House - 3 teeth - $ 15.00. I wonder if I can get a government bailout for this?"

I would post pictures but to be honest these girls are not that cute with all of the gaps in their smiles.


  1. So I think I want to come to your house if I loose any teeth, I normally get $0.50 and a bloody pillow from my mouth bleeding. I want to see the pictures of the kids w/o their teeth :) Chad

  2. Man we need your tooth fairy-ours only leaves a buck, rip off.

  3. I think inflation has hit since my kids last tooth fairy visit. Maybe there are benefits to getting older. NOT!!! I'd pay $10 a tooth to be 20 years younger.