Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kindergarten Family Fun Night

Tuesday, Lane and Justin invited the family to Kindergarten Family Fun Night. This was something new at the school and I think they had a great turnout. All the activities were designed to teach parents some of the games and skills the kids are working on so we can also play them at home.We have been lucky to have the BEST kindergarten teacher. Gracie had her so I knew (and have been preparing her) that I wanted the boys in her class.
This is Mrs. Mueller playing "top-it" with Lane, Justin concentrating on his "roll and record" and Dad and the boys making marshmallow/toothpick shapes.

It was fun to see the boys so excited to show us everything. We were a little sad Dani wasn't there, she had a basketball game in Yakima. It just made us all realize what next year will be like.

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