Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The End of 2008

Scariest Day - The day Justin was so sick, he looked like he had a stroke.
Greatest Doctor - My old faithful Dr. Warner, been through everything with us, once again calmed me, sent us to the hospital with Justin and made us believe again that God works through others.
Best Day - June 28, not just because it was my 40th birthday, but because I was with an incredible amount of my favorite people doing what I love to do, bbq - hang out with friends - laugh - dance - laugh a lot more
Saddest Day - sending my babies to kindergarten, I'm still not over that one
Stressed for nothing weekend - Deer Camp at our house, I was overwhelmed with the week of running around after kids and so worked up about having Darin's friends from East Wenatchee, Renton and Texas stay with us. Of course, a fun weekend: soccer game, pumpkin patch, LaCabana, good friends, and everyone was too gracious about my sub-par cooking. Lesson learned again - relax.
Work Ups - my best friend since grade school now works at the school with me
Work Downs - a wonderful co-worker left in September and left me with her job =}
Sports Highlights - Dani breaking the school record in basketball for most 3-point shots in one game (6), Carley playing second base in softball and making her infamous double plays, Gracie being brave enough to waterski, Lane & Justin participating in their first year of soccer, on different teams of course!
Bucket List Check Off - going to the George Strait concert
Biggest Regret - gaining all the weight that I have this year
Learned - how to sync my new ipod, how to blog, water slides are still fun
Favorite Quote - "The best way to help yourself is to pray for others."


  1. I love the run-down of the year :)

  2. I loved those, I am impressed you can narrow them down to one. I have an awful memory and wouldn't be able to pinpoint just one. What a great year for you guys!

  3. Angie
    Just wanted to say, "Hi!" Zek is missing the boys this week. He just wants a friend to come and play. He asked for the buddies and then we had to explain everything again. I told him when we come in June he can see the buddies. Just a heads up (You better be home that first week in June:)) It is good to read about the girls teeth how funny. Well tell the boys and girls hi from us Talk to you soon
    Tiffany and Zek

  4. So I can call you to put songs on and off the ipod?