Monday, February 9, 2009


I know for a long time we have had a secret stalker out there. Someone who is faithful in reading the blog but will never comment. Someone who secretly has been waiting for me to blog about them. Oh, believe me I have had my chances but have tastefully refrained. Until now.

Sunday was an ordinary day. Church at 11:00, annual meeting. (Hmmm, don't see Mike & Robin here, I thought that was odd since there might be big news to share.) The meeting started, numbers and voting, nothing that I really had to ponder or look deep into my soul about. Then, a cute story from the pastor. Something about a great coach and the words he taught his players "Don't drop the ball." Take this into our daily lives, the tasks that come before us, "Don't drop the ball." Next, a challenge to the congregation, catch these Nerf footballs, they will have messages/challenges for us all....Don't drop the ball.
And then it happened, I caught the ball destined for Mike Scroggins. I am sure of this because I know God does not give us more than we can handle, so this football with this message in no way could be mine.......Don't Curse.

Thanks Mike for not being there!!!

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  1. Hey now, thats not funny. thanks, Mike