Monday, February 9, 2009

Part II

Next they decorated their t-shirts at Mike & Lisa Christensen's. After judging they received their clue that would lead them to Chad & Jande McGary's. The kids had to act out movie titles for the McGary's to guess before they received their bag of goodies (the movie they acted out, popcorn, movie candy). I wish I could have heard what some of the guesses were for "Pretty in Pink", "Never Been Kissed" or "Blades of Glory"!
Everyone was then off to our house where they had to make their own version of RiceKrispie Treats. They delivered them to Mike & Becky Noftle's who judged them on taste, presentation and use of a special ingredient.
Finally they were given the clue to go to Jana Gonzales' for pizza and Rock Band, after that the guys and girls split up to actually get ready for the dance.
I think between the activities, taking their random pictures and finding the variety of scavenger items, they kept busy and it was a pretty fun afternoon.

Again I am glad we live here where such good neighbors are willing to be a part of a teenager's date! Thanks everybody (and especially Ted & Jean Christensen, who were not on the list but somehow all the kids just gravitated to them!)

Connor & Dani, Paul & Katrina, Oscar & Tawnee

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  1. That was such a cute idea! Thanks for letting us be a part of it. Pretty in Pink was by far the hardest for us to guess and not because of their acting abilities but because neither of us had ever seen it!!