Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thursday was Senior Night for our basketball player.
Dani has bounced a ball almost since the time she started walking. She has always loved the sport, a true fan of the game. In grade school, Mr. Stark asked her to be the MS girls team manager. By season's end, he had a whole stack of scribbled on papers with all of the plays she had drawn for him. She started playing AAU in 6th grade, in Moses Lake. We have a lot of memories from those years. High School basketball has brought a lot of ups and downs. Torn ACL, new coach, team dinners, a lot of losses, six three-pointers in one game and a lot of new friends.
I was sad on Thursday, not because it was the end, but because it didn't end the way we thought. Dani wanted so badly to make districts, this was our year. I don't understand why or how it happened but it wasn't meant to be. It is sad when your kids are so disappointed when "life's not fair", when they work hard to reach a goal and are inches short. We have hugged and cried but certainly not talked about it. I feel sad that everything we have said over the years "set your goal" "be coachable" "work hard" "be a team" they did and the results did not equal the work.

We are so proud of Dani! You did work hard and overcome physical and emotional challenges. I hope one day you see that you did accomplish many goals, some that you were not even aware of at the time. Just like the first time Dain announced your name and you got to run through the cheerleaders, we will always be standing in the crowd cheering you on!


  1. My kids won't ever be seniors and all grown-up--right? Your a great example Dani girl.

  2. Dani, i watch you play and i admire your dedication and drive. You may not have reached one goal, but you gave it your all and that's what's important. There is life after high school, but i don't think it is as much fun, at least not from a parents point of view. You are Awesome and you will always be mine and Holly's HERO. XOXOXOXOXOXO