Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Formal & Scavenger Hunts Part 1

Saturday was Winter Formal. Since it was girl asked guy, Dani escorted Connor Paysse. It is always neat to see our kids that have grown up together and known each other since diapers still enjoy each other's friendship and have so much fun together.

This whole event started by Dani "asking" Connor by writing her name with pepperoni on a pizza for his mom to bake for lunch one day, followed by the "answer" of several chocolate cupcakes to spell out YES along with some great elementary pictures of them.

On Saturday, the 3 couples started out at our house with their directions for a scavenger hunt that I put together, along with the gracious help from our friends. They were first given a list of items to find during the day along with a list of pictures they were to take. Then they received the first clue that led them to the laundromat; there they found their t-shirts in dryers along with scrambled song lyrics they had to rearrange and sing before they could receive their second clue. I am pretty sure some of the patrons at the laundromat thought I was nuts when I ran in and tossed the shirts in three different dryers and didn't put a single quarter in any of the machines and then just sat down and watched them! They were just as confused when Paul Nunez started singing "Bubbly" and Connor singing "All the Single Ladies".

..........stay tuned for Part II

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