Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monday Menu

Monday - Burger & Swiss Dips, cottage cheese, dessert chocolate pie
Tuesday - Chicken & Broccoli over Angel Hair Pasta, breadsticks
Wednesday - Crab Louies, dessert pumpkin muffins
Thursday - Wacky Jacky Soup ( Gracie's variation of a recipe she found)
Friday - Subway or leftovers (Basketball Game)
Saturday - pasta (carb-load, another Basketball Game), broccoli & cheese
Sunday - Roast, vegetables, dessert ? I am looking for a new recipe to try...


  1. This is suppose to be a very tasty little treat:

    It can be made less calorie-laden by baking the cake with a can of diet coke and 1 egg white, using fat-free condensed milk, and fat-free cool whip. I wouldn't bother with candy bars, I'd just use the pre-packaged Heath chips.

  2. And if you weren't so concerned on making something low-fat, these cookies have been getting rave reviews from my cooking friends:

  3. O.K. except for the roast, pasta, and subway I don't "know" the rest of your main dishes. I am very intrigued by Wacky Jacky Soup and Crap Louie--enlighten please!